E.M.P. drive – Electro Mechanical Propulsion drive.


E.M.P Electro Mechanical Propulsion.



One’s a year we have a solar boat race here in luxemburg. I think I will participate this year with this construction.

I’m building a RC solar boat with a new concept of drive. A dc motor driven by a 10W solar cell, takes a continius hight current, and when the sun disappears behind the clouds, it will be difficult to get enough electricity.

So I decided to use another drive. Somthing like a pump with 2 coils, where I can move a piston. When the voltage drops, I still have the possibility to move the boat forward with smaller pulses and less frequency, which gives me an advantage over my competitors.

I think this concept will have an advantage over the normal dc motor drive.

It’s just a therorie but it’s been buzzing around in my head for some time

Here is a short Video from the solar boat race of 2017.