I saw a video over the primeval code a few years ago on the German Tv . Last month I got remembered over this, when I saw a video from 1988 on YouTube. I decided to do an project with this even that I know that this is fringe science

First I bought me this german book on amazon: Der Urzeitcode to get more info about the experiment.

What is the primeval Code.

Plant seed is placed in a static electric DC high voltage field, and the plant should remember how it looked thousands of years ago and then it should grow again in this primeval form.

They did the same thing with trout fish eggs, and the fish looked the same as 150 years ago.

All about the inventor and the tv show can be found here Guido Ebner

Us Patent US50484

Experiment setup 01


4 DcDC converters with 4 high voltage generators. The settings will be 200,300,400 and 500V DC. Later on I will use voltages between 2000V Dc and 10000V DC.

The time were the seed will stay in, will be 7 Days. 4 Dry days and 3 with water.

Buiding parts:

  • 10 Wooden plates 220mm x 220mm x 3mm with aluminum foil glued on it
  • 4 DcDc converters  MP1584EN
  • 4 high voltage generators.  Kemo Kit B007
  • 4 small boxes and 8 peat pellets


My growing lights.

Part list:

  • 200 Metal Resistors 240 Ohm
  • 400 ultra bright Led red
  • 160 ultra bright Led blue
  • 20 ultra bright Led ultraviolet
  • 20 ultra bright Led white

The first Led lights are ready. One module takes at 12V 200mA

The Condensator Plates


The shelf for my experiment

Finally I found a place under the roof, where I can start with my experiment. A plastic shelf if perfect and not expensive. The control Screen and the keyboard are already in place. I use 2 of these winter cover for the car window. They are hot-glued, around the first upper shelf. I now have also finished the electric installation. Next step are the led’s and the power supply’s.

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