Price list:

  • DIY Kit (you have to solder by yourself) 19€
  • Assembled and tested, please add 5€ 
  • Red, green or blue Acrylic enclosure 10€ 

Why Arduino Quick Project?

Do you also have the occasional problem, that you want to create something with an Arduino, but the workshop is a mess, you find neither a suitable display nor the right button, and finally, if you have everything together, you lost the desire, to realize the idea.

For each project, you normally need, a Led or a display, buttons and I/O’s, so why not place the parts, together on one single board?

The idea for the Arduino Nano Quick Project, was born. It’s based on an Arduino Nano V3.

It’s a ready to use box, which should be able to realize 85% of all the small ideas. You have buttons, digital and analog I/O’s, which are on a easy to access block terminal, a display, the serial interface, an I2C interface and two LED’s. No more searching or soldering for a 10min project. Just take the Arduino Nano Q.P. , upload the program and that’s it. Use your Arduino where you want, in the lab, in the kitchen, in the bus ….. no more limits and no more “breadboard jumper mess” for simple things.

Or simple use it as a control-unit for your next project.

A must have for beginners?

It’s also cool for beginners. If you want to learn programming, it can be very frustrating when the display displays nothing, or the LED does not blink. One thing for sure, with the Arbuino QP, It can’t be a wiring problem, so you can concentrate on your code and search for the error. This little kit is perfect to experiment with external sensors and to learn how they work. You can buy it as diy Kit, that you have to solder by yourself or you buy it ready to use, assembled and tested. You can even purchase an enclosure in 3 different colors to make it look cool

What’s included in the kit?

  • 1x black PCB 81mm x 82mm
  • 1x Arduino Nano Clone V3.0 (ATmega328P) with the CH340G USB chipset.
  • 4x pushbuttons 12x12mm
  • 1x Display 1602
  • 7x Resistors
  • 1x potentiometer
  • 2x LED 3mm
  • 3x Terminal block 4 Pin each (plugged together = 12Pin)

enter image description here

What is included for the enclosure?

  • 1x clear acrylic frontplate and backplate +-3mm
  • 4x colored acrylic sideplates +-3mm
  • 4x colored acrylic button caps (2x arrow, 1x OK, 1x CE)
  • 4x screws 10mm with nuts M3
  • 4x nylon spacer 2mm
  • 8x screws 12mm M3
  • 4x nylon spacer 15mm M3

enter image description here

Price list:

  • DIY Kit (you have to solder by yourself) 19€
  • Assembled and tested, please add 5€ 
  • Red, green or blue Acrylic enclosure 10€ 

Shipping costs:

  • Luxemburg 3€ or 0€ if you pic it up
  • Europe 6€
  • Rest of the World 8€

I will contact you within 24h by email for the payment details. Thanks for your interest

If you have a question, please use the contact form.