This is a quick Weekend Project. I wanted to test to engrave on glass, but I had the idea to paint it first black, to bring the picture more in scene.

I still own a few old Ikea Ribba frames, the one with the glass front, so it was great for this project.

Take the ribba frame appart, clean the glassplate with acohol and use a spraycan to paint it black. Let it dry.

The “keep it calm and exterminate” was not my idea, but I loved it. The Dalek has been drawn in QCad, the letters and the composing in Inkscape.


It’s laser time. I first laser’ed markers on a peace of wood to align the glassplate


Build the frame together and install red LEDs inside. I use my self designed PCB’s, but perfboard should be perfect to. On the back a glued alufoil, to reflect the light.

A smal micro USB breakout board on the back to connect everything to an old 5V USB charger, and finished.


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