I needed a lamp for my son, something very near to the ceiling, so he cannot reach it. Most children’s lamps are not cool or made out of glass. So I decided to build one and I think it turned out cool đŸ™‚

A small video of the working lamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty7qdambRbY

Step 1: Cad Files


First of all I draw all the Parts in QCad. You can Download the File here or in my GitHub.I own a Laser cutter where I can cut to the maximum size of 400x300mm. The Parts can alternatively cut with a jigsaw.

As Wood I use 4mm plywood.

Painting and Assembling

I used acrylic paint. Glue the big circle with the 5mm holes. This will be the window with the LED’s. Screwing the wings in place and hide the screws with fake hex bolds. The 2 silwer bows are for hiding the small parts installed on the backside.

On the fotos, you can see how the backside is made.

The middle part is hold with a 3mm Screw and a nut. This will keep it secure on the ceiling.

I secured the middle wing with two small wooden wedges and glue

Leds and Wiring

I use an LED strip, I already had. For the ring, I took twelve 5mm white diffuse LED’s. I also need four 160 Ohm resistors and some wires.

A 12V 1.5A power supply is also needed.I attached the led stripe on the inside of the rocket, and with hot glue I make sure they stay in place them. I passed two turns around the body.

The twelve LED’s are glued in the 5mm holes and wired like on the schematic.The power supply is glued in the upper part of the space ship and wired like in the description.

Be careful if you work with 230V!

All the LED’s are connected in parallel.

The first test looks great


Mounting to the Ceiling

To mount the lamp on the ceiling I took a wood part that matches between the 2 mounting holes.

Drill two 6mm holes in the wood for the screws.

Now drill holes in the ceiling and screw the wood. Be sure that the fuse is off.

Connect the power supply to the mains. Now put the rocket again the ceiling and secure it with two srews, one on the left and one of the right side.

Power On

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