Hi, I designed this LED sign for the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2018.

The signs are for sale and the price is 25$
They are handmade and the profit go’s to the local autism foundation here in Luxemburg.

To my luxemburgish page

To my german Page


Connect it to a free USB port of your computer or use a 5V USB power supply (not included), and it will light up in a cool blue.


The size of the item is about H=10cm x L=10.4cm x W=5.8cm

If you have interest in this led sign please use my order form.


It is also possible to get this item without the World Autism Text. just mention it in your order.


  • 1 acrylic Led sign
  • 1 Wooden base with blue Led’s
  • 1 Micro USB cable

Shipping and packaging

Luxemburg 3€
Rest of Europe 5€
The rest of the World 8$





(c) Alain MAUER

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