First parts for this little Led light. It’s for a children’s room, so it will be batteries driven and the power on/off will be a capacitive touch switch. No moving parts and the small parts are behind a 3 mm acrylic window

The basic Idea


And here the first parts, to see if everything fits.


Seems to work. Now I need to correct a few things an build the base.

The electronic inside the Base

The TTP223 capacitive  switch. Point B, will be bridged, so the module works in toggle mode.


And here is the circuit diagram



First test of the circuit

Building the cave

All the parts are designed in Qcad. Then glued together and painted. The LED’s are inside the wooden construction.



First test run, with all the LED’s installed



The Base with the touch switch


The wiring and the battery

The final result

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