The piezo buttons worked perfectly for 4 years at ScottTv, but I think, I will try capacitive touch sensor buttons. Unlike the piezo buttons, they will not react if Scott is beating on the TV, but they will just work on the touch. Now I have to check if they are not too sensitive.

Test run:


I use the same sewer cover as for the piezo buttons.
I use these touch sensors breakout boards with the tpp223 chip.


To make the touch space bigger, I cut a piece of metal out of an soda can. I clued a wire on the metal part and solderd it to the PCB.
It is realy sensitive now and I think, that I need to add some kind of shielding around the backpart of the sewer cover.


Still a little Trial and Error to do.

Both buttons on a small presentation display to show the advantages and disadvantages of the two models.

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