We have permanently installed speed camera traps here in my country. That’s no problem, but if you are like me, forgetting all the time about them, it starts to be expensive. So I’ve built me this radar reminder. It’s legal here, because it’s a passive equipment that just reminds me point of interests.

I know, there are apps, but where is the fun to learn something?


The Schematic



  • 1 x Arduino pro micro 8Mhz 3.3V
  • 1 x Gps Module with Serial interface
  • 2 x Resistor 100R
  • 1 x Resistor 1,2K
  • 1 x Led blue
  • 1 x Led red
  • 1x BC337 or equivalent
  • 1 x 3-5V passive piezo

The Display And GPS Part

First of all I soldered the 2 LEDs and the 2 100R resistors to a small piece of PCB and I soldered the GPS module to it. This is just an idea, depending on your enclosure.

I drilled 2 holes in the enclosure cover for the LED’s.

The Controller Part

I took an other piece of PCB and I cut it down to the size of the box. Than the two pin header where soldered to it.

The pro micro is than solders on the pin header, and the front part it connected to it with wires.


Click the enclosure together, put the software on it, and the GPSRR is ready to use.

The GPS coordinates are places directly in the IDE sketch for this project, because I have to use only a max of 25 positions.

The Software

It’s still beta, but it works. I need to find a better update method for the radar database (bluetooth or wifi ower an app)



The Video

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